Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Terrain Gallery's 50th Anniversary Exhibition!

I want people in the NYC metro area to know of this momentous occasion. What follows below is the beginning paragraph of an announcement telling of this exciting anniversary: "In 1955 the Terrain Gallery opened with the extravagant idea that 1) beauty could not only be talked about but defined; 2} that all the arts had something in common; 3) that art and life were integrally related. All this was in the great philosophy of Aesthetic Realism as we had studied it with its founder, critic and poet Eli Siegel. In America in 1955 the idea of talking about beauty was not au courant. We did it anyway." To read the rest of this announcement and to know when, where, and the time, please follow this link: http://www.terraingallery.org/50th-anncmt.pdf And to know more about how Aesthetic Realism describes art and its relation to life, visit the Terrain Gallery.

See you there,

Lynette Abel